Craft Cocktail Services

Inspired by the wrath of Carrie Nation during Prohibition, Hatchet Proof provides a unique cocktail experience. 

The name Hatchet Proof was conceived from one of the darkest times in America’s imbibing history - the era of Prohibition. Carrie Nation was a hatchet-wielding, temperance movement figurehead that took it upon herself to eliminate the world of the sin that was alcohol. 

Wielding her small ax, she tore through saloons to fulfill her mission from God to save us all from “a drunkard’s fate.”

Every time we make a cocktail, we share a little nod and think, “Cheers, Carrie.”

Hatchet Proof is dedicated to the premise that well-crafted cocktails are to be revered and protected. We provide the tools and knowledge necessary to craft remarkable beverages for any occasion. 

Beverages you would never consider attacking with an ax.


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